Christmas bageri – Santa Claus kaka gjord med Gerald pincett

A lot of people have a pair of tweezers in their home and mostly they are at the wrong place in case of need. You should place them not only in yours medicine cabinet, in yours bath or hobby room. It’s good to have some in yours kitchen too. Tweezers are excellent tools for a number of different tasks beyond shaping eyebrows and removing splinters. Indeed, you should turn to tweezers for many tasks that need a precise hand. Från perfekt kakor att täppa fria avlopp, läs vidare för några av de mest uppfinningsrika sätt att använda pincett.

jul jultomten tårta

Santa Claus tårta – vad en överraskning för er gäster

Riskera inte din Santa Claus tårta

Vilken överraskning för gästerna och barnen igår. Jag ville stjäla mina män älskade Gerald pincett från hans hobbyrum. Men behöver rengöra och desinficera dem först… 🙄 Att förstöra kakor bara de sista stegen för att placera ögonen var att hög risk för mig att göra det utan denna speciella pincett.

Vara shure min kärlek de är på min önskelista nu för kök.
Samtidigt gör mitt jobb jag verkligen må bra som en riktig professionell och resultat ser ut som du ser. Alla gjorde med den mobila en ögonblicksbild före start att äta.

"Jag använde pincett för att hantera en tunn ström av jordgubbspuré fryses med flytande kväve för om du rör det, det faller isär,"Sade Grant Achatz, kock på Alinea, i Chicago i detta THE NEW YORK TIMES article. "Pincett tillåter gräns driver med skala och struktur."

Decorate Cakes and Plate Food.

Need fine, precise work on a cake or want your dinner to look like a professionals work? Tweezers are your friend!
In high-end restaurants across the globe, chefs use tweezers to perfectly plate their dishes. For the bakers among us, tweezers come in handy, too — A regular pair will work just fine for adding dragées and other decoratives to your cakes. But its a good feeling to the soul to use professional tweezers like the Gerald pincett. And they really work better than the cheap ones. Not only Doctors know it

Ögonbryn pincett för kvinna över 40 År med extremt spetsar New tweezers from our developement

You know the problem. For some time yours eyebrow hairs are thin and lie like a fluff directly to the skin. However, the skin is no longer as smooth as a few years ago.

The Tweezer you use since many years summarizes the small hairs no longer correct. Sometime you think it is up to the edge of the tweezers and buy a new one. But even here the same problem.

Application Notes for Tocan Colibri Tweezers:

  • Please clean before using your skin with a disinfectant.
  • Soft music helps to reduce pain associated with sensitive skin.
  • The best time to pluck eyebrows is the evening.

The Colibri forceps should be conducted closed under the hair. A magnifying mirror is useful.
Open the Tweezer slightly until lifting the hair and as the hair falls of its own accord in the Tweezer.
Nu stänger Teezer och plocka håret. Tryck inte för hårt på den känsliga spetsen för att undvika skada.
Efter att ha använt pincett bör vara (bäst i en desinficerande bad) rengöras och desinficeras.

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Colibri Tång - ögonbrynet pincett för kvinnan över 40 År - Ovanligt spetsar av är licensierat under en Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 internationell License.
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Tid att spela med er barn – Tux mjukdjur self made. What this have to do with our upcomming Tocan-Tweezer set V1.

En hel del #beautyblogger starta sin blogg, när de blir gravida. Så mycket ofta de har barn och realy ingen tid att göra en hel del andra saker.
Att göra roliga saker med sina upgrowing barn och tar tid är mycket viktigt.

Idag vill vi ge dig en trevlig idé du kan göra tillsammans med er barnen en trevlig mjuk leksak Tuxpingvin. Bara prova det.



irfan Rasheed

Hello everyone. I am Irfan from Sialkot Pakistan. I was invited to the Tocan-Tweezer project, for my skills in design to produce handmade etuis or cases. I love coffee and tea and everything i can make with my hands. I hope also the project open doors for ethic production conditions not only in my country. I believe in this. Now some little advertizing business as usual:

Leoanas Lalaland

Picture Tuxette Etui by IRFAN RASHEED, CC-BY-SA for

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Tuxette Etui by IRFAN RASHEED for är licensierat under en Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 internationell License.
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Peter Axt Male supporter :-)

Hello I’m a musican and management consultant. I do not have a blog.
I would like to contribute (however I’m a man ) some open source music to the project .

This music can reduce pain during pluging eyebrowes and hairs. Feel free to use it for slideshows and videos. Maybee other musicians join. I will upload from time to time new music to the project.

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1-2 von Peter Axt
är licensierat under en Creative
Commons Namensnennung – DelaLika 4.0
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Tocan-Tweezer Demo Page Online Just in front of final production of Tocan-Tweezer Version V1 the Sourceforge Project get it's own homepage

Hallo Beauties,

sometimes it is realy hard with you. But maybe I think too much complicate. I sit down again and did work out the blog appear as multisite. Would be a special feature, making it possible: One can thus build a network, similar Google+.

Let me google this for you.

On the new page, I did move the blog with a new layout. I hope, that you like it. Structurally everything is designed, that not only forceps or tweezer can find their place but also yours information and will be translated in more than 90 Languages. Maybee the translation is poor for the moment in your own language.

A tip to begin: Scroll down to the Team. Click on one Team member and you will many flags. Chose yours language, than edit translation. A lot of yellow, red and green icons appear. Click on a yellow icon and improve the trnslation. After you save with the arrow the icon color change to green. For shure noone improve the complete translation. But a few improvements only by everyone will make Tocan-Tweezer to a helpful international resource for beauties.

Have fun

Your Tocan-Tweezer