Class pistrinum – Natalis crustulam conspersam Marcus Tweezers

A lot of people have a pair of tweezers in their home and mostly they are at the wrong place in case of need. You should place them not only in yours medicine cabinet, in yours bath or hobby room. It’s good to have some in yours kitchen too. Tweezers are excellent tools for a number of different tasks beyond shaping eyebrows and removing splinters. Indeed, you should turn to tweezers for many tasks that need a precise hand. From perfect cakes to clog-free drains, read on for some of the most inventive ways to use tweezers.

christmas santa claus cake

Santa Claus cakewhat a surprise for yours guests

Do not risk your Santa Claus cake

What a surprise for the guests and the kids yesterday. Coniugis furtum ego dilexi Gerald forceps de amabam cubiculum. Sed opus ad mundare et disinfect eos primum,… 🙄 Ut perverteret sicut placentae in novissimo loco oculi gradibus mihi facere sine summo periculo esse speciali forcipe.

Shure velit esse album pro dilectione mea coquina.
Qua magnus sicut dolor meus Job Te spectat eventum rei professio et ut ipsi cernitis. Et cum quisque, ut mobile a principio ad snapshot manducare.

“I was using tweezers to handle a thin stream of strawberry purée frozen with liquid nitrogen because if you touch it, it falls apart,"Ait: Da Achatz, in archimagirus Alinea, Lipsiae, in hoc THE NEW YORK TIMES article. “Tweezers allow boundary-pushing with scale and texture.”

Plate ornatis cibum et liba.

Opus denique, opus ipsum in cena placentam adpeteret videri velit elit operari? Tweezers sunt amici tui!
Trans globus in altum finem popinae, obsonatores usus, VOLSELLA perfecte plate vasis eorum. Nam in nobis est alter pistoribus, venit in habilem VOLSELLA, too — A regular pair will work just fine for adding dragées and other decoratives to your cakes. Sed a suo sensu ad bona animae, sicut ad professionales VOLSELLA Gerald forceps. Et tamen melius quam vilis ones. Non solum scire doctores…

Mulier ad supercilium VOLSELLA 40 TIPS annos cum admodum FASTIGATUS New tweezers from our developement

Vos forsit scire,. For some time yours eyebrow hairs are thin and lie like a fluff directly to the skin. However, the skin is no longer as smooth as a few years ago.

The Tweezer you use since many years summarizes the small hairs no longer correct. Sometime you think it is up to the edge of the tweezers and buy a new one. But even here the same problem.

Application Notes for Tocan Colibri Tweezers:

  • Please clean before using your skin with a disinfectant.
  • Soft music helps to reduce pain associated with sensitive skin.
  • The best time to pluck eyebrows is the evening.

The Colibri forceps should be conducted closed under the hair. Magnificantes speculum est utile,.
Aperi Tweezer leviter elevatis donec capilli sicut capilli fluunt sua sponte, et in Tweezer.
Iam a evellet, et capillis Teezer. Ad extremum etiam firmiter insistere neque sensitiva tergori.
Cum usura, ut forpices (optimum disinfectant in balneo) purgandum et disinfected.

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Time to play with yours kidsTux soft toy self made. What this have to do with our upcomming Tocan-Tweezer set V1.

A lot of #beautyblogger start their blog, when they become pregnant. So very often they have kids and realy no time to do a lot of other things.
To do funny things with their upgrowing kids and take time is very important.

Today we like to provide you a nice idea you can make together with yours kids a nice soft Toy Tux penguin. Just try it out.


Download Link:

Irfan Rasheed

everyone Salve. I am Irfan from Sialkot Pakistan. I was invited to the Tocan-Tweezer project, nam facultates in casibus vel consilium ad producere rhoncus Etuis. Omnia potes et nulla te amo tea manibus meis. Spero autem et in project apertus est productio, in IV Ethic condicionibus, non solum in patria,. I believe in this. Now some little advertizing business as usual:

Leoanas Lalaland

Picture Tuxette Etui per irfan rasheed, CC-BY-SA for

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Petrus Axt Male supporter :-)

Hello I’m a musican and management consultant. I do not have a blog.
I would like to contribute (however I’m a man ) some open source music to the project .

This music can reduce pain during pluging eyebrowes and hairs. Feel free to use it for slideshows and videos. Maybee other musicians join. I will upload from time to time new music to the project.

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Tocan-Tweezer Demo Page Online Just in front of final production of Tocan-Tweezer Version V1 the Sourceforge Project get it's own homepage

Hallo Beauties,

sometimes it is realy hard with you. But maybe I think too much complicate. I sit down again and did work out the blog appear as multisite. Would be a special feature, making it possible: One can thus build a network, similar Google+.

Let me google this for you.

On the new page, I did move the blog with a new layout. I hope, that you like it. Structurally everything is designed, that not only forceps or tweezer can find their place but also yours information and will be translated in more than 90 Languages. Maybee the translation is poor for the moment in your own language.

A tip to begin: Scroll down to the Team. Click on one Team member and you will many flags. Chose yours language, than edit translation. A lot of yellow, red and green icons appear. Click on a yellow icon and improve the trnslation. After you save with the arrow the icon color change to green. For shure noone improve the complete translation. But a few improvements only by everyone will make Tocan-Tweezer to a helpful international resource for beauties.

Have fun

Your Tocan-Tweezer