Christmas bakery – Santa Claus cake made with Gerald Tweezers

クリスマスベーカリー – ジェラルドピンセットで作ったサンタクロースケーキ

A lot of people have a pair of tweezers in their home and mostly they are at the wrong place in case of need. You should place them not only in yours medicine cabinet, in yours bath or hobby room. It’s good to have some in yours kitchen too. Tweezers are excellent tools for a number of different tasks beyond shaping eyebrows and removing splinters. Indeed, you should turn to tweezers for many tasks that need a precise hand. From perfect cakes to clog-free drains, read on for some of the most inventive ways to use tweezers.

christmas santa claus cake

Santa Claus cakewhat a surprise for yours guests

Do not risk your Santa Claus cake

What a surprise for the guests and the kids yesterday. I did steal my husbands loved Gerald forceps from his hobby room. But need to clean and disinfect them first🙄 To destroy the cakes just in the last steps to place the eyes was to high risk to me to do it without this special tweezers.

Be shure my love they are on my wish list now for kitchen.
While doing my job i did really feel great like a real professional and result looks as you see. Everyone did make with the mobile a snapshot before start to eat.

“I was using tweezers to handle a thin stream of strawberry purée frozen with liquid nitrogen because if you touch it, it falls apart,” said Grant Achatz, the chef at Alinea, in Chicago in this THE NEW YORK TIMES article. “Tweezers allow boundary-pushing with scale and texture.”


細かい必要があります, ケーキの上の正確な仕事やあなたの夕食は、専門家の仕事のように見えるようにしたいです? ピンセットはあなたの友達です!
世界中の高級レストランで, シェフ つかいます 完全に自分の料理をプレートにピンセット. 私たちの間でパンのために, ピンセットは重宝します, too — A regular pair will work just fine for adding dragées and other decoratives to your cakes. しかし、魂への好感のようなプロのピンセットを使用するには Gerald forceps. そして、彼らは本当に安いものより良い仕事します. だけでなく、医師はそれを知っています…


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