Irfan Rasheed


大家好. I am Irfan from Sialkot Pakistan. I was invited to the Tocan-Tweezer project, 我在设计技术,生产的手工etuis或案例. 我爱咖啡,茶和一切我可以用我的双手使. I hope also the project open doors for ethic production conditions not only in my country. I believe in this. Now some little advertizing business as usual: HTTP://

Leoanas Lalaland

图片Tuxette ETUI由伊尔凡RASHEED, CC-BY-SA的

Tuxette ETUI通过 伊尔凡RASHEED为 下许可 知识共享署名 - 相同方式共享 4.0 国际许可.


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