Irfan Rasheed

Irfan Rasheed

Hello everyone. I am Irfan from Sialkot Pakistan. I was invited to the Tocan-Tweezer project, for my skills in design to produce handmade etuis or cases. I love coffee and tea and everything i can make with my hands. I hope also the project open doors for ethic production conditions not only in my country. I believe in this. Now some little advertizing business as usual:

Leoanas Lalaland

Picture Tuxette Etui by IRFAN RASHEED, CC-BY-SA for

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Bok, i am Irfan Rasheed from Pakistan. I got for surprize a invitation and did start to produce handmade etuis for you. Shure i like internet and use computers. So my love is there design. With my support i hope to push the project for ethical production conditions not only in my country
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