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Hola Bellezas,

a veces es realmente difícil con usted. Pero tal vez pienso demasiado complicada. I sit down again and did work out the blog appear as multisite. Sería una característica especial, por lo que es posible: Así se puede construir una red, Google+ similares.

Permítanme google esto para usted.

En la nueva página, I did move the blog with a new layout. espero, que les guste. Estructuralmente todo está diseñado, that not only forceps or tweezer can find their place but also yours information and will be translated in more than 90 Languages. Maybee the translation is poor for the moment in your own language.

A tip to begin: Scroll down to the Team. Click on one Team member and you will many flags. Chose yours language, than edit translation. A lot of yellow, red and green icons appear. Click on a yellow icon and improve the trnslation. After you save with the arrow the icon color change to green. For shure noone improve the complete translation. But a few improvements only by everyone will make Tocan-Tweezer to a helpful international resource for beauties.

Have fun

Your Tocan-Tweezer


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